Fabulous Freedom III!

Wow! Another absolutely fabulous day! Not only was I floating around on a boat, but Jeff and I were out Whale Watching on the fabulous Freedom III.  Brilliant team of people who looked after us exceptionally well, and made sure we saw lots and lots of whales!

We decided to do the whole day option and were glad we did because the whales did not really start appearing until about lunch time. I am privileged enough to have seen whales in their feeding ground in Alaska, but here they were at play and up to all sorts of antics. Jeff did the most incredible job capturing some on camera, not an easy thing because you just never knew when they would do something amazing! Too many photos to put up here, but have included a few.

The end of the cruise took us close to the shoreline of Fraser Island .. thanks to the great commentary from our Skipper Keith, we learned today three things. Firstly it was Prince Charles that had the island listed as a heritage site, and secondly that Fraser Island is no longer Fraser Island. It has now officially been renamed K’gari, pronounced “gurri” and meaning paradise, which is the original name used by the Butchulla people. Third, Fraser came from the name of an English woman who was held captor there for 5 years (quite some time ago!).

A trip to K´gari is on our bucket list. Not sure when it will happen, but I don’t suppose it will coincide with the visit of Harry and Meghan on 22nd October!!!!

Oh, and that ski slope you think you can see are actually sand dunes on K´gari … pure white silica sand!