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Since the end of Whale Season we have started running Summer Cruises out of Hervey Bay and via Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. Everyone has enjoyed their time aboard Freedom III.

The Morning Adventure Cruise has had many families sharing some fun and adventure in the sheltered waters of Hervey Bay. Boom-netting, snorkelling and swimming as well as spotting turtles, dolphins, dugong and even dingoes on the beaches of Fraser Island makes for a fun 5 hours on the water. Some tasty refreshments(famous home baked Profiteroles) adds to the enjoyment. It’s also a great way to cool of while seeing the sights of Pelican Bank, Moon Point and Little Woody Island. Some big family groups have had a great time shared on the water aboard Freedom III. This cruise has also been popular for staff parties and Christmas functions. Enjoy Queenland’s warmth on our Summer Cruises.

Our Sunset Cruise follows the western beaches of Fraser Island often to the south as far as Deep Creek, F.I, where we watch the sunset over the mainland often spotting humpback dolphins feeding near the sand banks of the Great Sandy Strait. A stop off at Kingfisher Bay Resort to pick up their guests is another interesting aspect of the cruise. The eco-friendly resort is in a sheltered section of the straits and mostly calm waters and lots of fish life can be seen around the jetty. Dingoes are often seen foraging for food along the beaches and once the sunsets thousands of Flying Foxes(bats) usually cross over from the mainland to feast on the forests of Fraser Island. Our international visitors are amazed by the low flying hoards of silent flyers. With a glass of bubbly or a beer and plenty of fingerfood it is a relaxing way to end the day. Come and join our Summer cruises which will run till after Easter.

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